Leadership Culture – Some Reality

While there are a lot of places where managers take an active interest in things like organizational improvement, motivation, morale and those kinds of cultural things, there are an awful lot of places that apparently do not. I say that because one can easily generate a zillion really awful workplace stories by simply asking people, “How’s work?”

Pretty darn scary, in reality, are many of the things people tell me about their organizational cultures and the behaviors of their managers.

That led me to see this drawing and then link it to what seems to happen in some work cultures:

One can view this illustrations as how things are in many places

My first thought was to call this image, Middle Management, in that it might depict job enrichment opportunities of the workers and the front-line managers.

Just kidding. Maybe.

The irony is that we can choose to do so many things better to impact so many of the people around us.

For the FUN of It!

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