Wicked Angles. TEAM. And a Poem on Performance

In reading a post in a long thread about how to build  teams for organizational growth in a LinkedIn discussion group for HR people, I continue to be struck by the seeming reality that so many people in HR seem to have no clue as to how people in organizations really work. So, I had a funny short exchange with my business partner that I then thought to post here.

There have been some good posts on how to build better teams, because everyone knows that teamwork can be improved.

Square Wheels image by Scott Simmerman

Then, some person posted up that, “the organizational Goal must be very clear to each and every member of the team from top to bottom.” Understand that this was probably the 100th post in the thread and it was preceded by a whole bunch of really solid contributions. Then, they posted up this at the end:


I thought, WOW! An acronym for team… Duh.

My post to Joan was simple and concise. In addition to the original post, I simply added the note that some acronyms seem really forced and that my following one seemed just as good:

T – Team
E – Eat
A – All
M – Muffins

You KNOW that if you bring muffins to the meeting, the team will eat them all, right?

Joan thought that everyone wants to come up with some angle, which I think is really true and confirms the idea of Intrinsic Motivation that people have to contribute to groups.

Then, I added my initial thought for the day in an email response and then I went to powerpoint and did this up visually with my LEGO people:

LEGO Celebration Some Angles are Right 50

and that gave me the impetus to generate another poem and reframe things once again. After all, the round wheels are already in the wagon, right?

Square Wheels LEGO image by Scott Simmerman

The fun continues,

For the FUN of It!

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