Square Wheels Dr. Seuss-style Poem on Being Bold

I love those Dr. Seuss kinds of rhyming so I thought to lay out one that focuses on continuous improvement, change and innovation and on the issues of personality. To generate change, you must choose to do something differently and you might as well choose to do that, since things will remain the same otherwise.

You need to say this one out loud!

A Square Wheels image combined with a Dr. Seuss-style poem by Scott Simmerman

I DO have a great deal of fun playing around with ideas.

AND, one does need to understand that the Spectator Sheep can be expected to share their opinions about how things are working: Naaaaaaaa…. Baaaaaaaa…

Understand that the Spectator Sheep just might also see things a little differently than those people who are pushing and pulling the wagon, day in and day out. They DO have perspective so maybe you need to reflect on that a little.

Be BOLD. And choose to act differently.

And have some fun out there, too!


For the FUN of It!

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