Productivity Problems – Spaghetti and Marshmallows: Seriously

With my continued 40 year focus on issues of people and productivity, I felt it important to share two important developments in the area of food production, since it does affect all of us.

First of all, there is a news video about the difficulties with the annual North Carolina Marshmallow Harvest. Being a graduate of THE University of North Carolina, it is good to see that North Carolina State University’s agricultural consultants have some of these marshmallow issues well in hand. (Click on the image to see the video explaining the issues and how State really cannot do anything about it other than spit marshmallows.)

Marshmellow Harvest in North Carolina

Here is a video that I first saw back in 1957, one that shows how spaghetti is harvested in Italy every year. Growing up in an Italian community, this was of special interest to many of us. Most us us were unaware of the actual harvesting techniques for gathering this pasta. You can watch that video by clicking on the image below:

Italian Spagetti Harvest video (1957)

At the same time and as an added thought, I thought that you might find more documentary information about the history of the Italian spaghetti harvesting to be of interest, so we share a brief overview of it here. Again, clicking on the image will open up the video.

News of the Italian Spagetti Harvest

You can find a number of excellent videos about these two events online, but we thought that you should hear about it here, first.

Yeah, I know it is not yet April Fool’s Day, but it IS the end of a long and good year for me. (And any chance I get to poke a bit of fun at NC State is simply too good an opportunity to pass up.)

Hope you all have fun out there. And Go Tar Heels!


go Heels

For the FUN of It!

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