We LAUGH at Square Wheels. Levitation!

Why not simply laugh at the antics of those people pushing and pulling a wagon on Square Wheels? It is simply so silly! What do you think they do things that way?

A Square Wheels LEGO image by Scott Simmerman

If they were smarter, they could use their psychokinetic mental powers to simply levitate the wagon to make rolling forward easier. Right? Obviously, they just do not get it!

  • Why are these people acting so dumb, like nothing can be improved?
  • Why are these people simply choosing to use such a hard process to make progress?
  • Why are these people simply not working together as a team to share their powers?
  • Why is there a sense that people are simply resolved to doing this whole thing this same old way over and over?

Well, maybe levitation is our next step, after we exchange the Square Wheels for some of the round ones that are already there in the picture. Ya think?


For the FUN of It!

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