LEGO Square Wheels of Continuous Improvement: Hey, Boss!

It has always been my belief that the best ideas for improvement always come from the people who are doing the job and have a hands-on reality of how things work and what needs improvement.

But that reality is not how things are viewed in many organizations. Let’s say some workgroup up in Nome, Alaska or Halifax, Nova Scotia has a great idea and that HR then tries to implement it in places like San Diego and Miami. That reality might look something like this:


SWs LEGO Boss Gang with Skis and RWs 2 90

Involving and engaging people in workplace improvement is really a relatively simple process. Ask, and Ye Shall Receive.

Why do we continue to keep rolling on Square Wheels when there are simply so many round wheels out there?

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For the FUN of It!

Dr. Scott Simmerman, Surprised Dr. Scott Simmerman is a designer of team building games and organization improvement tools. Managing Partner of Performance Management Company since 1984, he is an experienced presenter and consultant.

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