Don’t Just DO Something. Stand There! (A Square Wheels Lego Business Quote)

I got two other business quotes up in this blog today, both using the Square Wheels LEGO version of my main cartoon so I thought to add one more…

This is an oft-used quote by me to focus attention on the critical need for perspective and dissociation, since only by “stepping back from the wagon,” is it possible to really see something that can be done differently.

Obviously, there are many ways to step back, including having meetings and discussions with workers, each of whole will have their own perspective on potential improvements or change. That is the purpose of our Square Wheels Toolkits, which we sell and support.

Square Wheels One LEGO Stand There quote


You can see one of the other related posts uploaded earlier at


Can I hear a “Thump Thump” from our work team, making progress forward day-in and day-out and step-by-step?


For the FUN of It!


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