Going Lean and Mean = Going Gaunt and Dead?

I continue to be amazed at how we continue to make cuts while expecting improvement. Personally, I feel that the supervisors in most organizations are so overloaded with tasks and responsibilities that they cannot even take vacations any more.

I blog here about how the average workday is approaching 13.5 hours with all the email connectivity going on these days, and that does not include the 5 hours on weekends and the reality that 10% of managers check their emails every hour while on vacation.

The pin WILL hit the balloon for everyone at some point – we will see it in all kinds of stress-related workplace problems.

So, I ask the simple question:


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Every manager needs to look for ways to better enable the people in organizations to improve every aspect of the workplace.


Our Square Wheels toolkits are effective tools for involving and engaging people in workplace improvement opportunities. They are simple and they are bombproof.

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For the Serious FUN of All of This!

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