The Ditch. The Road. Your Choice

Leading teams is about communications and shared missions and goals. Too often, wagon pushers are not involved and engaged nor do they have a clear sense of where they are going.

The reality is that there is a lot of mud out there, and it tends to be in the ditch along the sides of the road rather than the road itself.

Leaders need to remember that we need to actively involve and align people to move forward. We need to keep them on the road.

So, here are two representations of that thought:

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine exercise is about alignment and collaboration

Square Wheels image of communications and alignment


In the top one, we suggest that alignment and teamwork among the people is a critical factor in efficiency and effectiveness and for optimizing performance.

In the second, we suggest that there are a lot of alternative to improve motivation and performance, including the simple act of engaging people to improve motivation as well as the basic ideas of innovating with round wheels.

Two miles of ditch for every one mile of road.


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