Impressions and Customer Service

I am trying to find a new vendor and it has been wild as the franchisees of this organization continue to fail to respond to me in a way so that I would give them my business. I am actually back-linked to the country-manager of this organization and feeding him “mystery shopper” perspectives. Leads for them to followup on continue to get ignored or to have very delayed responses from the smaller operations in the network.

I went onto their website and filled out a request for information more than a week ago, and there has STILL not been any reaction to that request.

Anyway, I sent him this illustration this morning, one that he might use in some general communications with the stores…

Square Wheels LEGO First Impression

Or, maybe it is something like this:

Those who NEED, can miss the lead.
Those who LEAD, can miss the need.

The reality of customer service is that if the systems and processes that exist to process the transaction itself do not work well, you can never meet or exceed expectations. It there are no standards of performance that are expected, such as timeliness and accuracy of a response, then service quality will suffer.

All a prospect or customer can do is try to provide some feedback about the quality of the transaction itself and the nature of the expectations.

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