Perfectionism: Some Square Wheels Thinking

An acquaintance shared that she will be presenting on TV about “perfectionism.” It is actually something I know very little about, even though a lot of people seem to think that I am a perfectionist. That is far from the truth — I DO like to do things well and will put my attention to things until I feel that they are good enough, but dotting all the t’s and crossing all the i’s is not something I obsess about. (Obviously, right? (grin) )

I popped into my Powerpoint and did up a quick little poster that reflects my thinking about doing things well.

The anchor point is the actuality that, “The Round Wheels of Today become the Square Wheels® of Tomorrow!

So, here is how that plays out when illustrated with my LEGOs:

Square Wheels Image Poster on Perfectionism

How do YOU view Perfectionism as it reflects on you and your actions and activities?

For the FUN of It!

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