Customers – They Feel The Bumps and Thumps

We spend a LOT of money on marketing, generally defined as the effort to attract new customers and retain new customers.

But the reality is that we spend a LOT of that money on the sexy and fun attraction part of things, and very little on their retention. (Note that you can make the very same argument for the attraction and retention of employees in most organizations…)

The reality is that few organizations offer a really smooth customer environment and the ones that do are generally the very most successful.

Right now, you are probably thinking of some awful recent experience, since that comes up more when I ask about customer service quality in workshops. Most people do not immediately jump to their outstanding experiences, which requires me to specifically prompt that kind of discussion.

I frame the situation in a simple reality, one that lends itself to discussions about issues and opportunities. The Square Wheels tend to be known, especially to the front-line employees who deal with the problems and complaints. But the Round Wheel ideas also exist already, in the minds of the top performers and in the thinking of your customers.

Square Wheels Image and Poster on Customers

So, Don’t Just Continue to DO Something, Stand There!

The opportunities to improve customer and employee retention are closely related and highly profitable.

For the FUN of It!

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