Self-Reflection and Personal Growth

In Gary Loper’s newsletter today, he talked briefly about “The Road to Self-Discovery” and since I have been playing with my Square Wheels images and themes a lot the past two days, since we are re-doing a lot of things and soon to release an update to our popular little Square Wheels LEGO toolkit for simple communications and engagement (Square Wheels Icebreaker, $20), I quickly popped this up.

Take a look and give it a minute of thinking time:

Squre Wheels image and poster thought by Scott Simmerman

The idea is that it is important to know where you are going (“forward” is probably not specific enough!) and to occasionally step back from the wagon and take a look at things. gaining perspective on how things are working and maybe getting an idea or two about what to do differently.

Sometimes, we are at the front of the wagon and can see a clear path to where we are going, while other times, it sure represents boards and hands and nothing very engaging,

Square Wheels image and poster by Scott Simmerman

But talking about things and asking for other people’s ideas can be useful, as well as reading stimulating thoughts and ideas like those in Gary’s newsletters.


For the FUN of It!

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