Listening? Awareness of its impacts is awakening

My friend Gary Loper shared the fact that we are fast approaching International Listening Month, which is March. Gary is going to be hosting a chat on the subject here and I thought you might a visual reminder as to why listening is important when we are talking about working relationships among people:

Listening is about skill and intention - image by Scott Simmerman

It is a sign of respect, as well as an opportunity to better understand issues and opportunities for personal growth and change and similar kinds of themes about people and performance..

The Round Wheels are often already in the wagon.

So, listen up, people! Ask and ye shall receive ideas for change and improvement of so many different kinds.

I just popped up another series of poster about the apathy surrounding National Employee Appreciation Day. You can check out the last of the series by clicking on this descriptive icon:

How things really work (square wheels and no visions) in many organizations

And if you are looking for a simple tool to help improve your listening skills, you can download a simple $20 toolkit of our Square Wheels Icebreaker:

A Square Wheels image toolkit by Dr. Scott Simmerman


For the FUN of It!

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