Moron Teambuilding: A Great Video

I popped onto my pal Michael Cardus’ blog and found this animated 2-minute video that is about teambuilding. For me, it hit a lot of the “high” notes about what is wrong with so many activities:

  • Missing management, not in attendance and not part of the team
  • Stupid icebreaker opening – name and “fun fact”
  • Employees that must attend
  • An outside leader who does not know the group
  • Trust Fall and Blindfold Activity
  • Injury requiring healthcare attention
  • Challenges that have nothing to do with teamwork
  • Challenges that have nothing to do with business

But it does have a good and appropriate ending!

Dinosaur Office team building animation

Take a look. I think it makes some great points about those kinds of fun team bonding activities that have little to do with business improvement or teamwork or improving collaboration.

This is one of a whole long series of Dinosaur Office animations by College Humor. Funny stuff and on point about how so many offices can actually operate. You will like the humor, I think. You can find their playlist here.
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For the FUN of It!

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