Motivation for Millenials

New Directions shared some solid stuff on motivation and engagement in an email. I thought I would pop up a really simple post linking their work to my illustration of how things really work in most organizations.

They titled their post:
Professional Growth and Development #1 Driver for Millennials in 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report

Here are their bullets:

  • Motivation: The 2014 Employee Engagement Trends Report by Quantum Workplace looked at over 400,000 employees of nearly 5,000 organizations. It found that “professional growth and career development” was the number ONE driver of engagement and retention among Millennials.
  • Conversations: Research conducted by The Ken Blanchard Companies found that there was a gap of nearly 40% between how often employees had career conversations with their leader versus how often they desired these conversations, breaking down job development (a 29% gap between actual and desired conversations) and career development (a 39% gap) respectively.
  • Cost of Retention: it costs between $15,000 and $25,000 to replace each Millennial employee they lose.  It also showed that it takes between 3 to 7 weeks to hire a fully productive Millennial in a new role. (source)

Here is our illustration about how things really work in most organizations:


Square Wheels LEGO illustration image

Identifying those Square Wheels, the things that need to be done differently, is straightforward. Stop continually pulling and pushing, step back and ask about issues and ideas, talk about Round Wheel possibilities,


For the FUN of It!

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