Square Wheels LEGO Dr. Seuss Poem on Leadership

This is one of my Dr. Seuss-style poems on organizational leadership and development. Leadership is about knowing that there are many more smart people in your group than you. There are many more smart people outside your group than within it.

You can sense a great leader when everyone on their team works together as a team and the workplace environment supports innovation and engagement.

One of the things they do is inspire around a clear bold vision, asking for ideas and then listen actively. The focus is to dis-un-empower people and teams.

Involvement and motivation come from creating an environment where people can do the best work of their lives.

That is probably not happening here:

Dr. Seuss Poem by Scott Simmerman

Leadership is the strength to achieve goals with the courage allow teams to pursue them. It comes from taking the time to involve and engage people for improving their workplace, which generates very positive results. Top leaders make their people believe they can achieve anything and then give them the visible active support and coaching to make it happen

I hope you like that!

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