Agile Workplace Practices – A Reality

We hear that “agile” is the new way for a lot of organizations, with the goal of thinking in less constrained ways and in ways to enable better responsiveness on the part of organizations.

Frankly, I have not invested any time and money learning much about this (or about “Leanb”) in that they seem on the surface to be fairly straightforward approaches, much like I viewed “quality” back 20 years ago. They might require some specific expertise to implemement by the book, but the basic concepts seem clear.

When a friend of mine popped me a note around the issue, I had an immediate thought that I share below:

Square Wheels One LEGO POSTER Agile

The data clearly show that organizations are disconnected and unaligned to goals and missions, and that communications and engagement need improvement. Many are un-engaged and un-involved.

And it feels like the solutions to a lot of those problems are right at hand, that simple things can be done by supervisors to address all of the above with simple tools, short meetings and engaging discussions.

People WANT to do a good job. We just need to do a better job of enabling them, inproving skills as needed, and building more teamwork.

It ain’t really LEGO and it ain’t rocket science.

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