Think Working Hard is Making Progress?

I was always told that hard work would generate success. But a simple look around the real world will show one how silly that statement is. It is NOT simply about hard work; it is about working smarter and being more effective.

Take Twitter. (as Henny Youngman used to say, “Please.”)

I am trying to post up twitter notes every day. It requires me to actually write something of interest on one of my blogs, then to push that link forward to people. Over time, I generate more and more followers and those generate more and more traffic to the blogs. Good. Traffic is way up!

But one wonders about how to really reach those viewers, people like yourself who found this page and will see the image below.

How does one really make real progress? I am not really sure, but what I do know is that we need perspective on our work in order to really judge if is is effective.

Perspective and feedback are the keys to performance improvement.

Anyway, I promised, so here is my illustration on Progress:

Progress Up Working Hard POSTER

The irony of the above is that you can also be rolling downhill, which is a lot easier to accomplish, but you will still not be making any progress!

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For the FUN of It!

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