Creativity, Courage and Time – Keys to Implementing Improvements

Here is another in the “Courage Series” of Square Wheels LEGO business haiku.

This one simply illustrates the need for speed and the requirement that communications is effective for involving and engaging the players.

Or not, as reality often confirms…

SWs LEGO Haiku Creativity time to implement

In order to actually implement improvements, it is really helpful to have the ideas of the participants, to look at all the available resources, to identify issues and opportuniites and to be able to take the time to stop pushing and pulling in order to identify better ways of doing things. All those activities and actions lead to improved engagement and intrinsic motivation.

Two other illustrations exist in this short series that you can see by clicking on the icons below:

SWs LEGO Haiku Fear Limits Results






SWs LEGO Haiku Courage for Results





For the FUN of It!

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