A Square Wheels LEGO Haiku on Fear and Change

It is funny how one thought leads into another. After designing the LEGO haiku I posted up a bit ago, another framework came to mind as I was thinking of these same issues and opportunities.

Wagon Pullers pull. That is their job.

Wagon Pushers push. That is their job.

But where is the responsibility for improvement? How and when is there sufficient discomfort with the way things are to generate the motivation to look for ways to do things differently.

Fear freezes. “Fear is the mindkiller” is that old litany from the Dune books.

So how DO we Spring Forward? Only by stepping back, I think. You cannot see possibilities for improvement when you are continually focused on doing things the same way.

SWs LEGO Haiku Fear Limits Results - by Scott Simmerman

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