A Poem on Mean – Negative Thoughts on People and Performance

Sometimes I do get carried away, but a while back, I thought to write a somewhat intentionally MEAN poem about people and performance. And it sat there in my files for a long while. I then thought, what might anchor it to a shared, common reality and this is what spun up. All I want is for some reading and reaction, actually.

You may not LIKE it, because there is a lot not to like about this kind of thinking. But we also know that this kind of thinking is out there, operating in a lot of places and doing a good bit of harm.

SO, with that, here you go!

A mean-spirited leadership poem by Donald Trump

My thought was to push the boundaries a little. We do NOT need more negativity in workplaces, since stats show that so many things can be improved. And leadership and engagement are key issues. And I hope the ditty above generates some reactions and recognition that perspective is so important.

Thus, I really wish and hope that each of us can choose to do more things that benefit more people and that have more positive impacts on a lot of workplaces.

THAT is what our program, The Square Wheels Project is all about: facilitating workplace improvement and involving and engaging people.

people are willing to be motivated - #TSWP

For the FUN of It!

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