Square Wheels: Communications is Key (LEGO version)

Here is a simple thought about People and Performance.

  • I do NOT see the workplace as all that difficult to change
  • I do NOT see the workplace needing all that leadership complexity that we use to generally confuse, confound and basically freeze people into doing little to change.
  • I do NOT think performance improvement is about adding extrinsic rewards and trying to “do motivation” to other people.

Involvement and Engagement for the purpose of identifying workplace issues and opportunities for performance improvement is really not rocket science. It simply requires active participation, good listening skills, and the opportunity and willingness to simply ask questions. (Those consultants that are hired for big bucks generally have the opportunity and the willingness to observe and ask questions, unless they are coming in as a solution looking for a problem — that seldom works well…)

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And I DO think that we make things WAY too complicated and throw up all sorts of organizational roadblocks for doing what should be pretty simple things to generate continuous continuous improvement and the related intrinsic motivation that will result.

The approach I suggest about simplification is overviewed in a blog you can find at performancemanagementcompanyblog.com/2014/05/23/a-dance-of-change/ — with a focus on Keeping things Really Simple to optimize effectiveness.

So, here is my simple view of how things really work in most organizations. Try to identify as many of the key factors as you can, and see what kinds of interventions might be warranted.

Important Note: The round wheels are already in the wagon

Square Wheels are tools for involvement

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Dr. Scott Scott Simmerman, 2014

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