Dr. Seuss-style Poem on Engagement and Motivation

There are about 5 different threads that got me to the point of posting this. But the end result of the refocused energy was actually pretty good, I think:

Here is the Dr. Seuss-style poem I just crafted:

poem and square wheels image by Scott Simmerman

The idea supporting this comes from some writing about how to get away from the North Korea Style of Leadership, where the approach is “I’m the Dictator and you’re not” in style and impact.

You can see that blog on my people and performance blog called: How Square Wheels stop The North Korean Leadership Style in any company.

The idea was to support our Stupidly Simple Facilitation Toolkit with some ideas about involving and engaging people to improve motivation and productivity.


Let me know how to help you,

For the FUN of It!

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