Team Support – Getting Change to Happen

My Square Wheels® cartoons are about getting things to change. One idea is to step back from the wagon and dissociate, giving you the opportunity to see things differently. Another is that you need to let people play with ideas in order to become more comfortable with them.

And another is that Team Support is usually a good idea, since people love to get the recognition from their peers for things that impact the workplace and represent positive improvements.

So, here is one way of looking at this:

Peer support is team support, by Scott Simmerman

That was the first one. But then, I also thought that I might represent reality with a bubble annotation comment that probably represents how one or more people actually think about what is going on, so it then looked like this:

Team Support ain't that hard, by Scott Simmerman

It really ain’t that hard. Just DO It! Ask for ideas and see what happens.

Then, give people the support to try things differently. It isn’t that hard and it isn’t rocket science; it just takes a little courage to let go of the rope and stop pulling for a moment.

Lead people through involvement,

For the FUN of It!

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