Creating Support for Change

We often find that change is resisted. I’ve written extensively on this in my regular blog posts, like this one on “The Reality of Change, Innovation and Employee Engagement,” and this one on “The Dance of Change” that talks about some statistics around the issue.

This poems blog is about short quips and ideas and similar pops so I thought to put up this simple expression of why change is so often resisted: People need to feel support for that initiative. As my change model suggests, peer support and some previous history of success are important factors, as are some motivation to make improvements and some view of the overall direction.

So, let me suggest that Support might look and feel something like this:

A Square_Wheels_LEGO_ poster_Support_scott_simmerman

The people involved need to feel like there is a solid likelihood that they will make it across the gap to the other side. The fear of falling / failing is a real one in most organizations.

For the FUN of It!

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