A Desk is a Dangerous Place

I got some new brown LEGO pieces, so I had to mess with the wagon and make it bigger. Then, I stored on some additional wheels, with the same three wagon pushers and wagon puller.

But I added The Boss (I only had a grey hat, though…) And the Boss always has ideas for performance improvement, sometimes without much understanding of the reality of how things get done and what resources are needed. Advice is inexpensive…

And the result was based on the Boss’ idea that we needed to improve productivity and performance, but not through training or innovation but by using a Bigger Wagon, of course. A “technical” fix rather than a human one or some workplace innovation.

The end result looks like this:

Square Wheels LEGO illustrations by Scott Simmerman

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More wagon. More wheels. Same people…

And ideas coming from outside the workplace are often not the best of ideas for people IN that workplace!

How common do you think that situation is in the workplace of today?

Your ratings, thoughts and comments would be most appreciated, and if you need some simple tools for improvement, check out our $20 toolkit

A Square Wheels image toolkit by Dr. Scott Simmerman


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