Managing Roadblocks: Dis-Un-Engagement

More to come on this shortly, but I have started rebuilding an old toolkit on Managing Roadblocks and will start using Susan and the LEGO to model the concept and the opportunities. 

Basically, the model suggests that there are four different kinds of roadblocks, each taking a different approach to manage,

It’s been my experience that a lot of people actually choose to be un-engaged, feeling that their workplace environment blocks them from accomplishing more. This exercise is designed to smoke out some of those concerns, develop some problem-solving peer-supporting workgroups to address the issues.

The simple model will expand to look like this:

A LEGO model for dis-un-engagement by Dr. Scott Simmerman

Susan is just sitting. She feels hemmed in by all the workplace constraints so she is not trying to make any changes. She is de-motivated and less than fully productive.

If she changed her perspective, she would see the major Type 1 blocks but also the Type 2, 3 and 4’s. The Type 4’s at the left do not represent any real challenge and she could deal with the situation easily, if she chose to. Perspective, understanding and strategy are a key.

In the situation below, we see the team supporting her and working toward problem resolution.

Square Wheels LEGO image by Dr. Scott Simmerman

This Roadblocks Toolkit, which I hope to complete in a couple of days, offers a simple and engaging process you can facilitate to generate discussions about choices and engagement. By helping remove the things that people think are un-engaging, you are accomplishing what I call Dis-Un-Engagement, that old double-negative thing removing the blocks and generating involvement.

Contact me if I can offer any additional information. Stay tuned.


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