What Leaders DO – expressed in Square Wheels and LEGO

We often discuss themes of leadership, and there are just so many complicated models and detailed books that go after the explanation of what the best leaders do differently than the average ones to involve, engage, align and motivate people in their organizations.

With my cartoons, I try to make difficult and complicated ideas simple, which has been my goal for many years. I find that involving and engaging people in teams aligned to attainable desired outcomes is a really easy way to consider and address so many of the workplace improvement problems. Seldom do we find an organization where the people doing the work do not know the changes that need to be made. But they need to be involved and engaged and motivated to work together to address them.

I can express it thusly:

A square wheels illustration by Scott Simmerman

Telling generates resistance, while explaining offers context and choice. Showing people how to do things and clarifying and answering questions will produce more involvement and engagement, but the great leaders really make you feel like you are part of things, that your ideas for improvement are valued and that your motivation is actually important to the organization.

Similarly, we have this idea:

a square wheels image by scott simmerman

Does this cartoon expression accomplish some of that? I would hate to have to write a book to make that clearer!


For the FUN of It!

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