Thinking about Leadership – Simple Considered Alternatives

How we think about things influences how we perceive the world. Our brain works as one big filter and categorizer and puts frameworks around how information is processed. And it is that framework that functions as the filter and allows or prevents people from seeing things from different perspectives.

Dan Rockwell posted up a good list of keyword concepts on leadership that I reframed to the illustration below:

Square Wheels LEGO POSTER 15 Shifts in Thinking

The idea is to select one of the words on the left and reframe it to the word or phrase on the right.

“I used to think leadership was about managing; now I think it’s about inspiring…”

Based on the research I have read over the years in things like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and other psychology around perception and thinking, this simple exercise is a great framework for generating different thinking patterns.

Daniel Kahneman said it beautifully in his excellent book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow:”

“What you see is all there is.”

So changing your perspective is a very powerful tool for change and personal growth.

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