Story of Courage, Leadership and Teamwork

I packaged up a slideshare program telling the story of Susan, a wagon pusher, and her courage in suggesting that her wagon-pulling boss take a different look at how things are working, with the goal of involving and engaging the team in the workplace improvement effort.

I think it is a simple and cute little storyline.

Anyone want to play with the US Government, putting Obama as puller and Boehner as pusher, with a Ted Cruz or Dick Cheney as his team? After all, we sure can identify a LOT of Square Wheels in how things are currently working in our government!

Anyway, here is the story and the storyline:

Susan Slideshare Cover on Courage and Innovation

click to go to the slideshare program

The whole idea is one of involving and engaging people for workplace improvement, that the ideas for improvement already exist and that motivation will increase if engagement and teamwork increase.

And, if this team can do it, how about all the rest of the people?

click to go to the slideshare program

click to go to the slideshare program


Innovation, teamwork, involvement are all about taking risks, having courage to do things differently, and having the understanding that implementation is a key to any improvement effort.


For the FUN of It!

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