WORKPLACE HAPPINESS: A Square Wheels Poster on Motivation and Improvement

My associates in Japan changed their company name to “Work Happiness” and have been going gangbusters with their overall growth in services.

My initial thoughts were it was too fluffy a company name but my thinking has certainly changed. While “happiness” is not performance and productivity, it sure seems to be related and I would certainly like to work with happy people instead of the ones ready to quit and take another job for most any reason or rationale. WORK is not Happy in so many places, but most of you know that…

Here is my simple framework, in the lines of Keeping It Stupidly Simple (KISS). This is one of a number of my posts along those lines in this and my main blog.


Is it really that difficult to involve and engage people in workplace improvement initiatives that connect to performance and productivity? The data say that most of the solutions are right at hand, actually.


For the FUN of It!

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