Lego People talk for Engagement and Teamwork

My new associate, Hakan Forss, has been designing LEGO® scenarios and now a few other people seem to be jumping into the mix. He and I have been talking since he first published this illustration:

Square Wheels LEGO concept by Hakan Forss

The idea is that we could choose to do things differently, for a variety of reasons. And there are a lot of different ideas on illustrating the Square Wheels™ illustrations that we have been publishing for 20 years.

So, I’ve gotten out all my old LEGO and am starting to do up a few ideas around my Square Wheels themes. I thought that this one might reflect teamwork:

LEGO - Before and After Team Building

Note that the apparent chaos at the beginning is replaced by a lot more order. Also note that there is NOT too much order, not a lot of lines or columns in how people are organized…

Some level of alignment is a really positive thing for intrinsic motivation, involvement and engagement, and teamwork. Some manageable chaos is good for innovation and creativity.


Have FUN out there!

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