Mining Gold and Collaboration – A poem and a followup question

I continue playing with the bigger powerpoint file and the creation of poems and questions for followup in Lost Dutchman team building game and around the Square Wheels illustrations. As my friend and colleague in India (Shantanu Chakravorty) says, there needs to be some more “multi touch points” for these programs and that we can better tune communications to his company’s use of Yammer.

Heck, I am such a geezer that I had to have him define both “multi touch points” and Yammer!

But he translated it to me as having multiple ways to connect with people after a training session and that one can use social media kinds of tools (like Yammer) to keep things conscious. Yep. I have always known that delivering a simple message in a training session is important and the more VAK one can add to that, the better. I expressed the followup post-training issues as being linked to issues of schedules of reinforcement and spaced repetition supporting the learning of any behavior. I just gotta get with the lingo, I guess…

Anyway, making a long story simple, I continue to play with poems, illustrations and followup questions as tools to generate some learning, reinforcement, consideration and change. If people can better remember good learning lessons, they are more likely to implement change and incremental improvement. Right?

So, here are two of the illustrations I popped out this morning that will appear in that followup powerpoint file that I will make available”

LD Gold Hand Mining Gold Mayhem poem


LD Gold Hand Mining Gold Collaborate question

with the latter being about asking people to share their ideas about what they actually did after committing to do some things differently in the debriefing discussion.

There is no Silver Bullet in any of this collaboration and engagement and organizational development training, just some basic things that can be done. If nothing changes, nothing can be expected to change. But most of us, after making some behavioral commitments to do things differently, WILL do those things if there is some push to accomplish them. What I want to do is make some simple tools available for that purpose.

For the FUN of It!

Scott Simmerman, Expedition Leader for Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine Team Building Exercise

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