The Christopher Columbus Award – for “leadership”

Christopher Columbus — there is a lot of controversy over the man and his accomplishments and how history is representing things. Supposedly, nearly everyone knew that the world was not flat in the 1490s, since we knew that little fact from Ancient Greek scientists who studied the skies 2000 years before and that Lief Eriksson discovered North America about 500 years before this guy. The Oatmeal posted up a pretty detailed summary of history that is not too flattering to Mr. Columbus. You can see that here.

Nevertheless, we have built on the popular notion of Christopher Columbus as a noted leader and explorer by creating a trophy in his honor, something we call The Christopher Columbus Award for Leadership.

Christopher Columbus Award for Leadership


Yes, this is given to that Leader who goes off not knowing where he is actually going and winds up returning and not having any clue where they have been. I saw a comedy routine online that shared the reality that a guy from India, because of Columbus, needs to say that he is an Indian from India because Americans get it all confused.

Anyway, feel free to share this award with anyone who you think is deserving of that.

Think I gotta get some little trophies made up?


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