Angry People can Sabotage Workplace Improvement

On my blog, I have written about the issues around people “going postal” and about the many different ways that they might sabotage workplace performance. You can find that article here. And I intend to add a few more articles around this theme.

The reality is that people might slowly get more and more upset with things that they perceive as unjust but that one event just might be that thing to cause the balloon to pop.

My framework is that the pin finally hits the balloon.

Here is a short poem around that idea:

The Pin hits the balloon, hi ho the merry-o

Yeah, “Hi. Ho. The Merry-O” on this!

Better to build a base of involvement and engagement so that these kinds of events are less likely to impact people and performance in the workplace.



image of the Square Wheels Guy, Dr. Scott Simmerman

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