Disruptive Engagement – Bad Policies need Perspective

This relates to a blog I posted up about really lousy customer service from the Taylors’ Branch of the Greenville SC Library System. I was shocked at the extraordinarily tight security on checking out a book – it was adversarial, pretty-much, and this from a library! It just goes to show you what poor service thinking blended with un-empowerment (they were NOT allowed to use judgment as a policy!) blend together.

What they NEED to do is step back and look at things logically, since the library is NOT the DMV giving out picture IDs.

positve Disruptive Engagement and the need for perspective

You can see the blog here:  http://performancemanagementcompanyblog.com/2017/07/13/it-makes-sense-to-us-thoughts-on-disengagement-and-customer-service-quality/


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