A Business Haiku on Motivation and Communications

In some organizations, Boss spelled backwards is self-explanatory – they are not interested in the involvement or engagement of their people, and thus motivation suffers greatly, with all sorts of negative side effects on productivity and performance. It can look like this when explained as a business haiku. And it is something that we really want to address and change, to call out that behavior that does not have positive impacts on people and performance. We NEED to do this better.

A Square Wheels Project business haiku by Dr. Scott Simmerman

I also thought you might like this one below, that was done up with a similar pattern of thinking on my part, and based on a REAL statement of a CEO who had little interest in getting even his managers involved in his organization.

a thought on involvement and engagement

It was not Donald Trump who said that, but it sure would not be surprising if he did!

There is a style of leadership and involvement that we are working to address in The Square Wheels Project, something that we hope will have global impacts on how people are managed and led in their organizations. Let’s work to change this!


For the FUN of It!

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