Square Wheels Images out of LEGO

My “old” version of the new LEGO illustrations looks like this:

OLD SWs One LEGO 2 60

and my son pointed out to me that this is NOT all “official LEGO pieces” like the smooth wheel in the middle of the pile and the figures and the wagon itself. So, his thought is that I should change things and use only the official stuff. It does have some merit, but it will be a lot of work to go back and change things…

It also turns out that the tall guy in the top / back IS an old LEGO piece, but we cannot find that figure searching the LEGO catalogs that are online… Guess they discontinued big Wagon Pushers a while back.

The two little lady pushers are NOT LEGO but something else that was in the big box of plastic stuff…

My “new” version of these frameworks will use only official LEGO pieces, looking something like this:

NEW SWs One LEGO 2 60

we are still playing with design and color balance and all that stuff as you can see from both of these pictures! Square Wheels really ARE everywhere!

NEW SWs One LEGO 60 

So, any thoughts and suggestions for me before I roll on up the hill of making all the transformations? Anything else you would like to see in these pictures?

Should I still use the tall guys as pushers and the wagon puller?

It is my own little change initiative, one focused on continuous improvement, innovation, and engagement, with a bit of resistance to change tossed in along with a goodly bit of perceived time commitment. Ah, this continuous continuous improvement stuff IS work! Remember that I actually used these for 19 years before starting with these LEGO versions!

Intrinsic Improvement HaikuYeah, rock and roll!


For the FUN of It!

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