Nothing Made Sense – A LEGO Square Wheels Image

A similar quote to this turned up when I was reading Closing Time by Joseph Heller, the author of Catch 22. The latter is one of my favorite books of all time, so I read his newer work. In it, he said, “Nothing made sense, and neither did everything else.”

I referenced his quote and some other quotes in a blog I posted up last year. But I keep wanting to quote him differently, so I will. I like that nothing made sense framed up this way:

Joseph Heller quote framed with Square Wheels image

I think that very nicely sums up the illustration I call Square Wheels LEGO One, since we are using Square Wheels when the logical choice would certainly appear that we should be using the round ones, instead.

We find LOTS of Square Wheels in organizations, along with round ones that remain un-implemented and often un-discovered by management. What we need is a bit more conversation between the wagon puller and the wagon pushers, since their hands-on reality certainly differs and their motivation to implement improvement is certainly there.

What do YOU think: How might the above appear in your organization?


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