Motivation, Peer Support and Engagement – A LEGO Poster

My son Jeff had a great idea and simply illustrated it. He was reading one of my earlier blog posts on the workplace and group involvement and gave me the punchline that appears in the poster below:

Square Wheels LEGO image of motivation

The thinking is that we solve problems “one wheel at a time” and that it takes a bit of celebration to anchor down the success. By doing things with people rather than to them, we are much more likely to generate their active ownership and involvement. Lastly, by sharing successes, we are more likely to involve and engage some of the watchers, those peers and teammates who are always watching what is going on in their organization.

We make progress one wheel at a time and we generate continuous continuous improvement through the ideas of all of us, who know more than any of us.

Hope you like this one,


For the FUN of It!

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