Managing: Ants, Lizards and Wasps

Ah, the animal kingdom offers so many examples of the workplace and behavioral choices. And, using those natural scenes, we can often see individuals in motion, building things and implementing change and dealing with environmental issues. And note the teamwork!

That is NOT to say that these two videos actually represent anything. But they are both short and you can draw your own conclusions.

Managing ants and lizard

I showed this to a couple of people who thought it was a lot like the workplace and dealing with management. And even in this situation, 10% of the ants are counterproductive or just along for the ride, instead of contributing to make the workplace better.

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And then three is this one, focusing on collaborating to build themselves a better place to live and not caring a whole lot about who else might have some stake in the action:

wasps and window

I mean, who is going to mess with these guys other than the air force?

What you see is wasps with a defined purpose, who are totally dedicated to building their organization and its structure.

Hope you like both of these. What they have to do with dealing with the real world, I really don’t know. But I did find them interesting and this is just a poems about the workplace blog.

Ants and wasps doing their thing

Managing time and blingidy bling

Making progress a bit at a time

And trying to get this poem to rhyme.

There, that should meet the technical requirements that I set for myself.

But let me also add this absolutely wild video of “herding ducks” from my blog on herding cats and frogs. Yes, I DO actually write on important things like this on a somewhat regular basis.

Click on the image to go to that blog post:

duck stampede

Click on the image to go to the blog post on herding cats and frogs

The actual video is here:


Have fun out there and keep things moving forward,


For the FUN of It!

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