Teamwork – and Giving Birth to Baby Elephants

I write a lot about teams and teamwork and am completing a blog post on my main blog about teamwork and implementation — basically, it takes two to three years to effectively implement teams that generate solid results. And I wanted to illustrate that with a quip that I have been using for dozens of years about getting things done. I have heard various iterations of it but the last line is mine, for sure.

Elephant Teamwork Quote words

There is sometimes a perceived, “Trouble with Teamwork” in organizations that are looking to get things started. It is often hard to see initial progress. If you want to see more on this, search for this word string, which will find my blog post of this title:  “Strategy Implementation and Team Building – Years of Hard Work”


Note that in a lot of management training, I would sometimes add

— And then you have ANOTHER baby elephant to take care of…


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Dr. Scott Simmerman, Surprised

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The actual quote is:

TEAMWORK: An awful lot like giving birth to a baby elephant.

It always starts at a high level.

It’s accomplished with a lot of trumpeting and screaming.

It takes 22 months to grow and develop.

— And then you have a baby elephant to take care of…