Organizational Alignment, LEGO, Square Wheels and Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

I thought a crazy title might catch your eye and I guess it did!

Organizational Alignment is critical for organizational efficiency and effectiveness, but most organizations are NOT aligned and most people find themselves competing with each other rather than collaborating.

So, I use some of the LEGO scenes and a Square Wheels® framework to show that organizations CAN align to shared goals, something that we demonstrate pretty effectively with our team building exercise, The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.

User research suggests that it is one of the best team building simulations in the world. That is consistent feedback.

So, here is poem on how organizations COULD work together collaboratively:

poem on teamwork and collaboration

And here is a pretty common observation about reality and alignment:

chaos and a lack of teamwork poem

The goal of the Expedition Leader in Dutchman is, “to help teams be successful and optimize ROI.”

The reality is that few teams collaborate and few people ever ask for help. Mining gold is about the successes of ALL the teams and it is not about winning and losing. Dutchman is a superb vehicle for commications and our 2018 LEGO update makes it even better than it has been over the past 25 years.


For the FUN of It!

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