Making Improvements in how things work

We tend to approach the workplace as a highly complicated interrelationship of hundreds of twisted systems, policies, procedures and programs. Just the thought of “how to motivate people” will make some managers cringe and run for a closet in which to hide. And when you add in the organizational dynamics of process improvement, many think of things as incredibly complicated.

Then, on the other hand, you can think, “Best Practices.” These are the things that a few people in the organization are already doing within the complexities of all of the above. And since they are already doing it, how can it possibly not be possible for others to integrate those same behaviors into their considered alternatives?

My take on people and performance is that improvements are easy and incremental. And I can compress a lot of my thinking into a simple image and anchor point:

Square Wheels images are created by Scott Simmerman

Did I miss something?

(Or, did you…)

The Solution:

Don’t Just DO Something, Stand There! Your Round Wheels are already in the wagon and you can choose to make things roll forward more, better, faster.


For the FUN of It!

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