TRUST – A Square Wheels LEGO Poster about The Reality

Trust is sure an interesting issue. It is one of the core values of every organization and it plays into every interchange between people. And it is certainly an issue that deserves reflection and discussion in the workplace.

Barbara Kimmel and I just had another conversation around the issue of trust and its various ramifications. This happened after I read a post of another associate that stimulated me to do the following poster, which I then sent to her:

LEGO POSTER - TRUST You Have to Believe

I do not do much around issues of trust as a general business theme, but it is an interesting topic and one of great importance. There are so many direct connections to issues of engagement and motivation and people and performance that it deserves more discussion.

Barbara is the founder and director of Trust Across America and just published her new book,

Trust Inc: A Guide for Boards & C-Suites

which I thought to promote,


For the FUN of It!

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